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Happy New Year and Status Update

January 8, 2017

I hope that all of you had a safe and happy New Year.

I’d like to start off by apologising to anyone who might have sent me an email in the latter half of December or in early January. The usual hectic end of year scramble combined with some family matters (nothing bad or unpleasant but time consuming nonetheless) have led to my being somewhat remiss in answering correspondence. Over the next week, I hope to get on top of everything.

That aside, I want to give you guys a bit of an idea of what I’m working on and what I aim to get to in the coming months/year.

My current project is a collection of short stories. You can find a sample here. The collection is called Divine Assistance. I didn’t make as much progress on this over the holiday as I would have liked (largely due to the reasons I mentioned above), but I am on what should be the final draft. I hope to publish it either in late January or early February.

My next project will most likely be a collection of short stories set in The Unconventional Heroes Series. Some of the short stories will feature familiar characters like Gerald whereas others will feature less familiar characters. After all, Black Tower Castle might be filled with thousands of zombies and trans-dimensional horrors, but there are also quite a few normal(ish?) people around like maids, cooks, and other servants. How exactly have they been coping with the events of the series (how is a chef supposed to deal with a hungry dragon or a thirsty vampire?), and what adventures to they get up to that the regular series doesn’t cover? For that matter, what do Katie and Timmy do when they aren’t getting into trouble?

Naturally, I plan to have the fourth book in The Unconventional Heroes Series out some time this year as well.

Apart from that, I’d also like to get around to followups to my other stories. I know a lot of people have been waiting, and I’d like to keep the ball rolling. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add at least one more story to each of the series I’ve started although I can’t make any promises.

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  1. Travis Sanders permalink

    I picked up the Unconventional Heroe series last month and they are done of my favorite books. I wonder what inspired the style of magic in your world ? It is very reminiscent of a favorite anime of mine “The Seven Deadly Sins”. I would love to see a RPG setting book to enable fans to play around in your world as a tabletop RPG. Thanks for all the amazing stories, I can’t wait to read more about Everton and all the composite zombie hijinks that goes on there.

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